The Bored Ape Yacht Club (and many others) gave their owners a fantastic opportunity to utilize the IP rights of the NFTs they purchased. Unfortunately, they did not provide them with an instruction manual on how to put it to work. We are creating that instruction manual. Bored Jobs enables:

NFT owners: Put their prized collections to work, add additional value to their investments, and help them through the unknown when licensing their NFT.

Brands: Give access to a pool of NFT talent, standardize this new process of hiring NFTs, and engage with web3 in meaningful ways.

Creators: Open new revenue streams for artists and their holders, increase utility through new revenue streams, and reach global audiences through memorable campaigns.

MouseBelt created Bored Jobs because our team spent the last two years working on various forms of web3 media. Our portfolio includes interviews with crypto leaders, hosting some of the most significant web3 events, creating a crypto Hollywood docuseries, and eventually animating 100+ Bored (and Mutant) Apes resulting in some of the most popular NFT videos globally. We realized NFT holders wanted to put their apes to work, brands wanted to hire apes, but nothing was standardized, and neither side knew how to reach the other.

Our project was incubated at one of the most recognizable global blockchain accelerators, MouseBelt. This relationship gives us unique access to strategic partners throughout the blockchain space. Additionally, we’ve combined with teams from Reimagine Web3 Events who have inside access having interviewed 500+ of the top names in crypto over the last years, including recently hosting a Bored Ape specific conference featuring some of the biggest names in the community. Through MetaApe Studios we’ve brought more Bored Apes to life than virtually anyone in the world, including famous videos with Paris Hilton, and recently featured in GQ for our work with the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

We are on a mission to expose popular NFTs to the world by injecting them into pop culture whenever possible. By standardizing the legal, communications, and deal flow process, we believe we can enable both brands and NFT owners to unlock new potential.

We understand that NFT owners are protective of their investments. Likewise, we know brands are protective of their companies and unsure about this new process. However, we promise to support each and add value to the process whenever possible. Together, we can change the world.

The first Bored Ape NFT licensing marketplace connecting brands & owners with fair deals. Hire Bored Ape, Mutant Ape, Gutter Gang, World Of Women, Azuki, Doodle, Otherdeed, or Cool Cat NFTs, today!
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